A General Guide for Deriving Abundance Estimates from Hydroacoustic Data






The material on this web site was assembled with the help of grants from New York Sea Grant, the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and Cornell University.  We are indebted to the insights of the members of the Great Lakes Fisheries Commissions study group on Hydroacoustics led by Lars Rudstam and Doran Mason.  Sandra Parker Stetter and David Warner were major contributors to the Standard Operating Procedures for Great Lakes Acoustics, and Michael Jech, Sandra Parker Stetter, John Horne and Doran Mason co-authored the fisheries technique chapter with Lars Rudstam and Patrick Sullivan that was used extensively in this web site.  The development of the web site was supported by New York Sea Grant R/FTD-9, Acoustics Unpacked: Analysis of the Combined Error Structure in Acoustic Surveys in the Great Lakes, to Sullivan and Rudstam.