A General Guide for Deriving Abundance Estimates from Hydroacoustic Data





File exports

The Echoview software will export TS and Sv data in separate files.  These files need to be merged to scale Sv values using in situ TS measurements.  In this software, each analytical cell is uniquely defined through intervals (horizontal bin) and layers (vertical bin).  These identifiers can be used to merge the data sets using standard data base programs (Access, S-Plus).  Sonar5 exports fish density directly for each analysis cell defined through segments (horizontal bin) and layers (vertical bin). For each analysis cell, export sv values, mean σbs(in EV transformed to TS in dB), and TS distribution in 1 dB bins.  The database should include the following information:  interval/segment #, range/depth layer #, upper and lower depth of the layer, layer height, latitude and longitude in the middle of the interval/segment, file or transect name, Sv , ABC, σbs, TS distribution in 1 dB bins.