A General Guide for Deriving Abundance Estimates from Hydroacoustic Data





Equipment and Deployment Options

There are a number of considerations before purchasing an echosounder in addition to price and manufacturer.  One can choose among a range of alternatives for frequency, beam width, beam configuration and deployment of the transducer. This section discusses these alternatives.


  • Target size (L)
  • Absorption (α)
  • Pulse duration (τ)
  • Target strength (TS)
  • Input power
  • Tranducer size
  • Great Lakes frequencies
  • Beam width

  • Fish density (ρv and ρa)
  • Bottom dead zone (heq)
  • Near-field zone (Rnf)
  • Outside noise
  • Transducer size
  • Great Lakes beam widths
  • Beam configuration

  • Single beam
  • Dual beam
  • Split beam
  • Transducer deployment

  • Towed bodies
  • Pole mount
  • Sonar tube
  • Hull mount
  • Sea chest