A General Guide for Deriving Abundance Estimates from Hydroacoustic Data










Survey Design

In designing an acoustic survey, the tenets of good survey design should be followed.  Here we expand upon guidelines outlined by Scheaffer et al. (1996) and guidance provided by Rivoirard et al. (2000) and Simmonds and MacLennan (2005) in choosing among different statistical analysis techniques.


Defining objectives

Target species or groups

Survey timing

  • Seasonal
  • Diel
  • Moon phase
  • Survey components

  • Areal survey
  • Stationary sounding
  • Trawling
  • Environmental data
  • Supplementary information
  • Time budget

    Sampling effort

  • Estimates of quality
  •    Degree of coverage
  •    Standard error
  • Analysis expectations

    Types of survey designs

  • Simple random sampling with parallel transects
  • Systematic sampling with parallel transects
  • Stratified sampling with systematic samples nested within strata
  • Zig-zag design with parallel zigs and parallel zags
  • Logistics of survey design

  • Design modification during survey